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    Doctor en Ciencias, mención Física, Universidad de Chile

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    Licenciado en Física, Universidad de Chile

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Escaff, Daniel

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  • Física General I
  • Física General II
  • Electromagnetismo
  • Mecánica Racional II
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publicaciones relevantes
  • Globally coupled stochastic two-state oscillators: synchronization of infinite and finite arrays
    Alexandre Rosas, Daniel Escaff, Italo’Ivo Lima Dias Pinto and Katja Lindenberg | Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 49, 095001 | 2016
  • Synchronization of coupled noisy oscillators: Coarse graining from continuous to discrete phases
    Daniel Escaff, Alexandre Rosas, Raúl Toral, and Katja Lindenberg | Physical Review E, 94, 052219 | 2016
  • Localized vegetation patterns, fairy circles, and localized patches in arid landscapes
    Escaff, D.; Fernandez-Oto, C.; Clerc, M. G.; M. Tlidi | Physical Review E | 2015
  • Localized plateau beam resulting from strong nonlocal coupling in a cavity filled by metamaterials and liquid-crystal cells
    M. Tlidi, C. Fernandez-Oto, M. G. Clerc, D. Escaff, and P. Kockaert | Physical Review A, 92, 053838 | 2015
  • Strong interaction between plants induces circular barren patches: fairy circles
    Fernandez-Oto, C., Tlidi, M., Escaff, D., Clerc, M. G. | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A | 2014
  • Mean field model for synchronization of coupled two-state units and the effect of memory
    Escaff, D., Lindenberg, K. | The European Physical Journal Special Topics | 2014
  • Globally coupled stochastic two-state oscillators: Fluctuations due to finite numbers
    Dias Pinto, Italo'Ivo Lima, Escaff Daniel, Harbola Upendra, Rosas Alexandre, Lindenberg Katja | Physical Review E | 2014
  • Plant clonal morphologies and spatial patterns as self-organized responses to resource-limited environments
    Couteron, P., Anthelme, F., Clerc, M., Escaff, D., Fernandez-Oto, C., Tlidi, M. | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A | 2014
  • Arrays of stochastic oscillators: Nonlocal coupling, clustering, and wave formation
    Escaff, D., I.L. Dias Pinto, and K. Lindenberg | Physical Review E | 2014
proyectos relevantes
  • Modeling spatially non local interaction and memory in nonequilibrium systems
    Escaff, D. | Fondecyt Regular 2014, Conicyt | 2014-2017
  • Extreme events induced by weak noise
    Cisternas, J (Investigador Principal), Escaff, D. (Coinvestigador) | Fondecyt Regular 2014, Conicyt | 2014-2016
  • Defect dynamics and synchronization outside of equilibrium
    Escaff, D. | Fondecyt Iniciación 2009, Conicyt | 2009-2012

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